Corporate Fitness

We’ll help keep your employees happy, healthy and productive.

Illness, stress and depression cost businesses billions of dollars every year in sickness and decreased productivity. Our high-energy workouts will have your Employees giving you 110% at work by taking the time out to care for themselves. We humans focus primarily on our bodies when it comes to physical preparation, but our brains need the right combination of input to perform at their best as well. VIP Body Conditioning adds extra drive making make sure the right chemicals and hormones are stimulated to switch on your pre-frontal cortex. This is essential for helping the brain execute functions like decision making, problem solving, prioritising and self-control.

Corporate Fitness

The World Health Organisation predicts that mental illness, depression and other emotional conditions that can be caused by workplace and job conditions will become a global problem, second only to heart disease.

VIP Body Conditioning provides employees with opportunities to take part in physical activity and teaches them how to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles in order to achieve and sustain that work life balance.

Pricing model

We understand that corporates don’t want to pay for employees who may not attend the sessions, so we have introduced a new pricing model that works for Corporates.

  • Pay for a minimum of 5 employees & a maximum of 10 can attend our group training sessions
  • Pay for a minimum of 10 employees & a maximum of 20 can attend our group training sessions
  • Pay for a minimum of 20 employees & a maximum of 30 can attend our group training sessions

If you would like your own exclusive corporate group for your people we offer this too. Email us for more details.

Corporate Testimonials

“Jude and her team provided a professional and fun service for us. VBody Bootcamps were challenging in their approach to our fitness sessions. We highly recommend VBody’s sessions for any organisation, group or individual looking to build team morale and energy levels.”

Shane Green

Site Manager
Rebel Sport, Sydney

“I utilised VIP Body Conditioned for corporate exercise facilities. Pre VIP Body Conditioning my staff and I were less motivated, lethargic and each carried the extra pounds we all dread. Post VIP Body Conditioning my staff and I where extremely motivated, professional productivity improved and we all achieved personal milestones.”

“This is all due to the professional motivation and expertise provided by VIP Body Conditioning staff. The staff where motivated, methodical and professional in nature and provided that extra helping hand when times were tough. This was shown in the delivery of planned and well executed exercise routines tailored for each client of all levels. A real pleasure to work with and I encourage any corporate facility to engage with this professional organisation.”

Tash Williams

Australian Public Servant Manager

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