Kids Personal Traning

Why our children are becoming overweight and obese

It’s clear that weight problems are affecting more of our kids than ever before. In the last decade the number of overweight children in the UK, US and Australia has almost doubled. Weight problems can be difficult to come to terms with for both parents and children. The first step is to help kids moderate poor food choices and be more active by teaching healthy habits that they will retain for the rest of their lives.

Kids Personal Traning

The way kids play has also changed in recent years. Children’s play has become more and more dependent on television, video games, and other sedentary forms of entertainment. This has been a result of several different influences in modern society including changes to our living and recreational environments, rising fears of injury or abduction, and the fact that many busy parents have less time to attend to their children’s needs – including supervising outdoor recreation and play.

Birth to two years –

(tick) Breastfeeding your infant for the first 6-12 months promotes healthy development, strengthens the immune system, and reduces the risk of childhood obesity. Start introducing mashed or pureed solids at about 6 months.
(tick) Provide a variety of foods from all food groups.
(tick) Offer 4-6 smaller meals or snacks each day.
(tick) Provide opportunities for your child to explore and practice their physical abilities.
(tick) Allow for frequent naps.
(tick) Be mindful of other needs, especially for infants, who can be especially sensitive to changes in their environments.

2 to 5 Years

(tick) Always provide your child with plenty of praise, encouragement, and an open line of communication.
(tick) Assign household chores to teach responsibility and encourage activity.
(tick) Allow children to serve themselves at mealtimes.
(tick) Provide 4-6 small meals or snacks each day.
(tick) Teach concepts of game rules, healthy competition, and having fun by planning family activities.

5 to 12 Years

(tick) Continue to emphasize good nutrition at home.
(tick) Pack and encourage healthy school food choices.
(tick) Discourage too much time playing video games or watching TV.
(tick) Organise family activities.
(tick) Emphasize brushing and flossing to care for permanent teeth.
(tick) Be mindful of new school experiences and peer pressures.

12 to 18 Years

(tick) Stress the value of good nutrition.
(tick) Involve teens in shopping and meal preparation.
(tick) Encourage healthy food choices and exercise as alternatives to dieting.
(tick) Make an effort to meet your teen’s friends.
(tick) Treat your teen with love and encouragement, keeping communication lines open.

Finding Motivation

You may be thinking, “I’ll never be able to get my family to commit to a healthier lifestyle.”

Let VIP Body Conditioning motive you and your family. We will help you succeed in meeting your goals and losing weight. Our ultimate goal is helping you achieve your goals.